Uses for Ultrasonic Technology


When most people think of ultrasonic technology, they most likely think about imaging ultrasounds used in medical fields. However, ultrasonic technology is actually used in a variety of industries and applications.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasound can be used to fuse materials by using an ultrasonic converter manufacturer to obtain the parts necessary to convert electrical energy into ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic waves can be applied to two materials to bond them together, without needing to use nails, staples, glue or any other adhesive. Ultrasonic welding a very quick process and is used in a number of industries that need heat-free bonding of thin materials.

Object Tracking

Ultrasound can be particularly useful in following products or people as they move about a particular location. By using tags that send ultrasonic waves to sensors, an employer can track people as they move throughout the building, or ensure that items are following the correct predetermined path in a fulfillment center.

Motion-Sensing Technology

There are a number of products that rely on motion-sensing technology. Water treatment plants and large manufacturers rely on ultrasonic flow sensors to determine how much water is traveling through its pipes; automatic doors in grocery stores, shopping malls and airports rely on ultrasonic waves to know if someone is attempting to pass through the door. Even security systems rely on ultrasonic technology to determine the presence of intruders.

Physical Therapy

Ultrasonic waves are an excellent physical therapy technique. They have been used for decades to treat scar tissue, muscle sprains and swollen joints without the need to resort to intrusive methods or drug therapies since they can limit swelling and increase capillary action in the affected area, allowing for effective pain reduction and healing.

Ultrasonic waves are an incredible technology because they can be used in everything from cars and hospitals to your home and factories. The applications outlined above are just a small portion of the benefits that ultrasound technology brings to people, companies and industries worldwide.