What Is Family Therapy?


Family therapy aids in alcohol and drug addiction recovery. Family members must learn how to provide assistance to addicts. Family therapy is a group therapy that focuses on the ideas, feelings, and behaviors of one person—the addict. Every member of the immediate family is invited, and treatment focuses on strengthening family bonds and acknowledging each person’s worries and experiences. The goal of family therapyis to heal and improve relationships in order to support the family member who is battling with addiction. The therapist will invite family members to share their stories and teach them new tools to increase communication, comprehension, and relationship building.

What Are the Benefits of Family Therapy?

Addiction causes family members to feel stressed, guilty, and tense. Addiction is frequently referred to as a “family disease” since it affects every member of an addict’s family, regardless of whether or not they are battling with substance usage. Families can become dysfunctional and unhappy, and they may unintentionally enable the substance addict.Family therapy for substance misuse teaches healthy coping skills to help all family members get through the addict’s rehabilitation. It provides a secure environment for family members to express their anger, anxieties, and fears while enhancing communication skills and the family’s general emotional health. Therapy helps family members learn to trust and forgive one another during times of crisis.

Family Therapy’s Biggest Obstacles

When dealing with addiction, family members face a variety of obstacles. Rebuilding connections is easier when these issues are overcome through family counseling. The biggest obstacles to family therapy include:

  • Anger, resentment, and mistrust

When a person is addicted to drugs, they frequently behave in ways that are not typical of them. In order to obtain drugs or conceal their usage, they may lie or steal, causing emotions of betrayal and distrust. Because they feel threatened, the addict may mistrust family members. Even when they’re telling the truth, family members may mistrust or be upset by their actions, and learn not to trust them.These feelings will resurface as the family begins to engage in family therapy. However, with a therapist’s guidance, they can be overcome.

  • Communication breakdown

One of the most significant relationship problems, according to family therapists, is a lack of communication. It’s also one of the most difficult things to deal with in therapy. Effective communication is vital in therapy.

Communication issues are usually classified into four groups:

  • Overreacting to other people’s comments in an unacceptable way
  • Not expressing feelings and ideas
  • Expressing feelings and thoughts in an unsuitable manner
  • Not listening to others’ feelings and thoughts

Some people are afraid to express themselves because they don’t want to offend their loved ones or because they are afraid of their loved ones’ reaction.

Skyward Treatment Center Offers the Best Addiction Therapies.

At Skyward Treatment Center in Houston, Texas, family therapy is one of the addiction therapies we offer. We recognize that addiction recovery necessitates addressing all facets of the disease, including how it has impacted family ties. Engage our online staff today if you are ready to start the recovery process.