What You Need To Know About Support Coordination Agencies


When you or a loved one is living with a disability, you are eligible for many state and federal support programs. There are agencies who can help you find and apply for these programs as well as coordinate things like appointments and benefits. Choosing the right agency to work with can make the difference between having the support that you and your loved ones need and struggling to do it all on your own.

What Are They

Support coordination agencies are third-party entities that help people with disabilities and their families receive the services that they need. These agencies are licensed by the state to work as a point of contact between the support programs and the people they benefit on an ongoing basis and will monitor the quality of services that your family receives. You can find support coordination agencies NJ to help you and your family through a list on the state website or through your social services contacts.

How To Choose One

Since every person with disabilities will have a different set of needs, your best bet for finding a good coordinator to work with is to match those needs with the experience and options offered by the various agencies. A local agency will be more likely to know the programs and services that you and your family qualify for and you can sit with an agent for an initial interview to make sure that you feel comfortable working together.

Support coordination agencies are available to help you find and apply for the state and federal services designed to support those with disabilities and their families. These agencies can help you find the right combination of services to meet your unique needs as well as coordinate appointments and caregivers. You can choose the right one with an initial interview and some research on the reputation of the agency.