Treat Back Pain Effectively


Chronic back pain affects an extraordinary number of people, and it can have a profoundly negative impact on a person’s quality of life. If you’ve been experiencing pain that has persisted for more than a few weeks, you need to take meaningful action. Here are some options for treating your back pain that are worth considering.

Get an Imaging Study

Your doctor may suggest that you get an MRI of the area that is causing you pain. Your insurance carrier may deny a request for coverage initially, but an appeal from your doctor or going through a physical therapy regimen may help. Alternatively, there may be some affordable options that you can pay for out-of-pocket at an imaging and diagnostics center rather than a hospital. Imaging and a written report will tell you exactly what you’re dealing with so you can pursue the best possible treatment method.

Work With a Pain Management Specialist

In addition to seeing a medical provider who specializes in orthopedics or the nervous system, it may be advisable to establish a relationship with a provider who offers pain management services. This type of treatment focuses primarily on reducing your pain levels to make a chronic condition more manageable. They can help with treatments such as injection therapy, medications, and the use of devices that interrupt nerve signals such as electronic stimulation or ablation. For help with radiofrequency ablation for back pain New York, reach out to a specialist who offers several popular treatment options.

Get an Inversion Table

If your back pain is the product of spinal misalignment or compressed nerves, an inversion table may be a big help. It lets you use the force of gravity to ease tension in your back.

Ultimately, don’t delay in getting treatment for your persistent back pain. Taking anti-inflammatory medications is not a long-term solution, and your condition may worsen over time if you do not take action.