It’s for More Than Relaxation: 5 Reasons to Make Massage Therapy Part of Your Wellness Plan


There is a common misconception that massages are for nothing more than relaxation. The truth is that it accomplishes so much more. While there are some who should consult with their doctor due to underlying conditions, a majority of people would benefit from incorporating massage therapy as part of a wellness plan to reduce stress, improve immunity, relieve pain, lower blood pressure and moderate symptoms of depression.

Reduce Stress

Massage therapy Hollywood FL is an excellent stress reducer. The impacts of stress on people’s overall health has been well documented. The effects build up over time and manifest in cardiovascular diseases, anxiety, depression, certain cancers and neuromuscular disorders, to name a few. Finding ways to reduce stress is critical to human well-being.

Improve Immunity

Massages work on the body’s cellular system by decreasing levels of cortisol, which is responsible for destroying the cells that are responsible for defending the body from illness. Keeping levels of immune-boosting cells high is imperative for fighting off viral and bacterial infections.

Relieve Pain

Chronic- and injury-related pain not only cause discomfort, they can lead to a lower quality of life and result in missed days at work and avoidance of recreational activities that keep a person healthy. Massage therapy improves circulation, which moves oxygen and nutrients through the body to help in the healing process.

Lower Blood Pressure

Regular massages can help to lower blood pressure, though it should not be the only treatment for high blood pressure. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for regulating your heartrate. Massages stimulate this system, improving heart functioning and reducing blood pressure.

Moderate Depression Symptoms

Massage therapy has a positive effect on emotional health, particularly for those with chronic illnesses. Including massages as part of a holistic approach to treatment can moderate depression symptoms for cancer patients.

Regular massages have a positive impact on human well-being, from stress reduction to injury and muscle tension relief to overall physical and emotional health. Making it part of your wellness plan will do so much more than simply relax you, though, it can do that, too.