4 Tips for Music Festival Organizers


Festival organizers have a big job. If you’re organizing a large festival event, check out these tips to help you get started.

Audio and Visual

Music festivals are about only one thing: the music. That’s why you shouldn’t skimp on sound tech needs for a music festival. Even if the musicians are the best in the world, no one will want to listen if the sound is unbearable or nonexistent. In addition, visual components like stage lighting and outdoor LED video screens can be just as important. Without good lighting, no one can see the stage. For festivals that have 5,000 or more attendees, video screens help folks who can’t be right up front feel more like they’re a part of the show.


Making sure your event runs smoothly can depend on crowd control. Festival organizers have to be sure any large crowds are well protected by security presence at the event. It’s important to have security at all access points, including those that aren’t open to the public. Directing the flow of the crowd is also crucial. It’s should be clear where patrons are allowed. For your safety, be sure you’ve acquired the right kind of insurance. As the organizer, you may be considered responsible for anything that happens at the event.


Being a successful event organizer also depends on being a good leader. Qualities like levelheadedness and adaptability are crucial because there are a lot of changeable elements to festival organizing. When problems occur, it’s important that the organizer is able to meet it with several potential solutions. Reacting with panic or dejection can impact your ability to come up with creative solutions. Having an organizer who meets challenges head-on can be a big factor in the event’s success.


Another aspect of good leadership is working within your budget. Everyone wants to bring their favorite international recording artist to play in their hometown, but how realistic is that for you right now? Whether it’s realistic depends on how much financial support you have, because chances are that artist costs top dollar. However, it’s not impossible to make it happen over time. Just work with the budget you have now, and book artists who can max out your profit margins at the venue’s capacity.

The bottom line is to start small if you have to. You can work up a larger festival if you work hard.