Handling A Glass Chair Mat: The Safe and Hassle-free Process


Installing a new chair mat in your office reinvigorates the overall look. Add the premium appearance of glass mats, and your space begins to feel posh.

Once set, glass chair mats are nearly indestructible items. They are made from sturdy material that resists scratches and protects your floor.

However, you need to follow a safe handling process to install them properly. Proper care during unpacking is the key to preventing any pre-installation damage.

This article walks through handling a glass chair mat from the transportation to the installation stage.

Unpacking A Glass Chair Mat

A glass chair mat is usually made from tempered glass. Hence, it has high strength and exhibits excellent mechanical properties.

To handle such tempered glass mat for easy portability, follow these handy steps:

  • Ensure you have the help of another person to move the carton
  • While transporting chair mats on stairs, protect the edges and bottom
  • Place the glass mat on a softer surface like a carpet
  • Remove the strapping bands carefully and discard the foam present
  • Clean both the sides of the glass mat by holding it carefully

This way, you can unpack and clean the glass mat safely. Ensure that you do not let the edges touch any hard surface during the entire process.

Installing A Glass Chair Mat

Similar to safe unpacking, installing these mats is a simple process. Still, you need to follow specific steps to prevent issues like improper positioning and bonding:

  • Remove the old mat (if present) and clean the area under the chair
  • Vacuum cleaning is a preferred option for eliminating the dust
  • Get rid of any obstructions during the installation process
  • Carry the mat through its edge, keeping necessary clearance under the main surface
  • Lower the mat slowly without placing it directly on the edge

As simple as it may seem, installing glass mats needs sufficient patience. This process focuses on two aspects – cleanliness and protecting the edges.

Key Pointers for Handling a Glass Mat Safely

Pay attention to these standard practices to ensure hassle-free transportation of the chair mat:

  • While holding the mat, do not exert excessive pressure on the edges
  • Hold the mat with both the hands firmly
  • While moving, always take the help of a subordinate
  • Ideally, wear latex gloves while handling a glass mat
  • Use rubber bumpers at the bottom of the mat if available
  • To align the mat vertically, ensure placing a blanket or soft carpet

Implementing these pointers will ensure no damage while handling this beautiful office accessory.

Finally, choose a tailormade glass mat surface cleaner for long-term maintenance. Products from the most reliable brands under this category augment the coating of your chair mat.

Summing Up

Glass mats are aesthetically pleasing compared to their plastic counterparts. They are easy to clean, sleek, and amplify the look of any workplace.

To get the best output from these mats, it is essential to handle them properly. The safe handling process includes efficient unpacking and easy installation.

While the general pointers to handle these mats are straightforward, your focus should be on protecting the edges. Also, it is vital to wear latex gloves to prevent issues like slipping. Be sure to hold the mat with both hands for a firm grip.

After all, safe handling becomes necessary to prevent accidents when buying a glass chair mat.