Can Animals Be Sued for Hurting Me?


If you have ever been severely bitten or otherwise hurt by an animal, you would understand the pain that comes with it. Some victims get so mad about it (and rightly so) that they ask their dog bite lawyer Denver if they can sue the animal that hurt them.

So, what do you think; can you sue an animal because it hurt you?

The short answer to that question is no; you can neither detain nor sue an animal that hurt you. Yes, the animal may be put down to save your life if there are no other options, but most likely, the animal will be taken into a protective shelter if it is deemed that the owner cannot keep it from harming others.

What are your options if you get bitten?

  1. Get medical treatment first: You must get treated medically. Bites are nasty and may become infected if not properly treated. Getting medical attention provides a documented treatment procedure that you can present with your claims.
  2. Contact a dog bite lawyer Denver: The next step is to contact a lawyer who specializes in filing injury claims. Personal injury lawyers work to negotiate the right compensation for victims so that they can cover medical bills and mitigate any adverse economic effect arising from the injury. Sometimes, victims of dog bites are quarantined for a period to check for infectious diseases. That can lead to a loss of income or even being laid off. In these cases, economic compensation is in order.
  3. Register a complaint about the animal to be put down: 
  4. The law makes provisions for animals to be euthanized if there are proven complaints of a previous assault. If taking the animal into protective custody is not immediately possible, the judge can order the animal euthanized by a vet. or some other qualified person. The owner of the animal will bear the costs of euthanasia. Sometimes, the state bears the cost too.

Filing Your Injury Claim

To file a proper claim, your dog bite lawyer Denver will guide you on how to arrange your documents and fill the forms. Discuss with your lawyer and agree on a suitable amount to ask. Negotiating compensation in court requires patience and skill which your lawyer should possess.

The compensation should cover your medical bills and other related expenses. If the state laws don’t recognize mental suffering or pain,