Types of Storage for Home Renovation Projects


If you plan on doing home renovations, one of the biggest questions is where you are going to keep all your stuff. Sure you can move the refrigerator to the dining room or lean the bedframe and mattress up against the wall, but for complete room overhauls, work goes much faster if all furniture and items are moved completely out of the space.

Lease a Trailer

One advantage to semi-trailer storage leasing Everett WA is that pick-up and storage happen in one place. After your household items are moved out of the home, the truck itself is stored. This minimizes scratches and dents that can occur while transferring items from one venue to another. When you’re ready for your things to be returned, they can be driven right back up to your door.

Rent a Storage Space

Traditional storage facilities offer the advantage of allowing you time to make many trips to unload boxes and furniture. You can start by decluttering the room you’re trying to empty out and then hire help to move the furniture. If you really need something you’ve packed away, it’s relatively easy to access the unit.

Buy a Shed

If you have the room, you can create storage in your own backyard with a prefabricated storage shed. Usually, sheds are used for garden tools and lawn equipment, but there is no reason you can’t store furniture in one in a pinch. One big advantage to investing in a shed is that all your items will be close at hand. Another is that you can use the structure after you’ve moved all the furniture back into your house. Be sure to invest in a sturdy lock though, as these shelters are often attractive to thieves. Also, be careful about storing antique furniture in a place that’s not climate controlled.

Moving out of a room or house is a pain but one that is hopefully short lived. Consider all your storage options and choose the one that fits your needs the best.