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Tie Cancel Sbobet88 Mobile Bet is a type of bet offered by several bookmakers and has become quite popular with football bettors in the special betting markets. Simply put, it is a bet where the tie in the 90-minute result voids your bet. If that happens, then all the money you bet returns to you, without profit and without loss.

Let’s look at an example:

Imagine that Palmeiras are playing against São Paulo and you believe that Tricolor will win. However, you believe that it will be a difficult task and that the tie is a possible result. Then you have the option to bet on São Paulo Draw Cancel the Bet.

If São Paulo wins the game, your bet is a winner and you receive the stake times the price you took in the Anula Bet market, not the market price 1×2. Now, if the result of the game is a tie, you will not lose a penny. You will only lose if Palmeiras wins the game.

Alternatives for this market

If you want to bet on this market and your bookmaker is not offering, you can bet in an alternative way, which means exactly the same thing:

Alternative 1 – betting on a tie: Bet a certain amount on two bets, the victory of the team you want and also on the tie. However, there is a mathematical rule for this.


  • Available Quantity: 25 Dollar
  • 1X2 market quotes
  • 1 – 8.0 X – 4.0 2 – 1.30
  • Your bet: 1X (home team and draw)
  • Divide your amount of 25 dollar with the odds of a draw (4.0) (25: 4.0 = 6.25 dollar)

So, you must bet 6.25 dollar on X (tie) and the rest of 18.75 on 1 (principal). In case the game ends in a draw, you will get back the 25 dollar exactly as you would if you were betting on Draw No Bet. If the result is 1, you will receive 18.75 x 8.0 = 150.

Asian Handicap 0

Another alternative form of No-Bet Draw if not available at your home is by selecting an Asian handicap bet (AH0) on the team that you think has the best chance of winning.

Draw Odds Cancel Bet

Of course, the prices that bookmakers offer in this market are slightly lower and have a lower value than they are actually worth. The odds are calculated in a mathematical way that allows bookmakers to make some profit from the money you bet. In a match without a clear favorite, which generally has quotes of 2.70 to 1, 3.50 to X and 2.70 to 2, the odds of Draw No Bet will be 1.85 for both teams. Sometimes, the Handicap 0 market price is higher and often make the rule betting on a tie as I explained above earns you a higher profit, too.