Top Employers in Canada’s Capital of Ottawa


If you are moving to Ottawa and looking for employment, it is important to be aware of the top industries and employers in the area. Being aware of the employment situation in an area should be a top priority when planning a move, since securing employment is so important.

If you are planning to apply for jobs in the Ottawa area and have a certain skill set or are planning to make a career change, it will certainly be helpful to get an idea of who the biggest employers in the area are. Here are the top employers in Canada’s capital of Ottawa:

Public Service of Canada

Public Service of Canada is the name for Canada’s civilian government employees, including those employed in government departments, agencies, and other public bodies. Since Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, it makes complete sense that the government is a top employer in the city.

The federal government is technically the largest employer in the region, employing over 100,000 individuals. Ottawa is also home to many government department headquarters, which account for employment in the Public Service of Canada sector. Ottawa is also home to the National Defence Headquarters. If you have experience working in government, Ottawa would be a great option if you are seeking employment in the region.


A large portion of Ottawa’s economy, and therefore employers, is based on the technology industry. Ottawa is sometimes called “Silicon Valley North” and is home to over 1800 tech companies employing over 60,000 individuals. 

Some of the specialities of these companies include software development, telecommunications, and environmental technology, and some of the top tech companies in the region include Nortel, Corel, Nokia, Adobe Systems, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard. If you have experience in technology or a desire to switch careers to a technology-related field, Ottawa has a variety of employers that may appeal to you.


Since Ottawa is the capital city of the country, there are plenty of visitors and therefore, a thriving tourism sector. Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary celebration in 2017, and since then tourism has been booming.

The area attracts over 20 million tourists annually, and following the 150th anniversary celebration, many tourist attractions saw upgrades. The tourism industry in the region employs over 30,000 individuals. If you have experience in tourism, or want to break into the tourism industry, you should definitely give Ottawa a try.

If you are interested in employment opportunities in the capital of Canada, you are probably also planning a move there. If you secure employment before you secure housing, you may want to look at Ottawa homes for sale that are close to your future workplace for a convenient commute.

If you have experience in government, technology, or tourism, or you want to gain some experience in those areas, there are a variety of employers in the Ottawa region that you can look into. These industries provide a wide variety of options for those seeking employment in Ottawa.