The Importance of Welding


Welding is needed in over 50% of manufacturing industries in the United States. Many essential products are made from the fusion of different materials, particularly thermoplastics and metals. Defining what exactly “welding” is can be tricky when there are so many different fabrication processes and applications today.

Auto Industry

Automobile manufacturers have benefited greatly from MIG welding due to its efficient penetration depth and low costs. Thin and flimsy metals were once hard to combine, but MIG welding ensures a durable bond even between aluminum materials. Thousands of metals have to be welded when manufacturing most cars, which was once hard to pull off with unreliable welding processes. MIG welding has changed the game and allowed the auto industry to pump out more products.


The technological boom that society has been experiencing over the past few decades is partly thanks to MIG welding. At the end of the day, computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices come down to raw materials and how they’re combined. Tech companies use a wide variety of materials, and old forge welding techniques never would have been able to hold these things together. Now, everything from machinery coils to farming equipment to smart devices can be made easier with mobile welding & machining services New Jersey.


The aerospace industry has been implementing welding techniques since its onset. Many of the first aircraft were made with gas welding, but the industry now uses a variety of welding methods to cover different components. TIG welding helps with magnesium work, while arc welding helps with precision work. The actual manufacturing process largely comes down to MIG welding.

There was a time when welding was only one process: Hammering different metal pieces together after heating. 20th-century wars inspired a proliferation of convenient and cost-efficient techniques that made welding more applicable to different industries. In all likelihood, manufacturing will continue to rely on welding for a long time.