The Importance of Basic Car Maintenance


There are many benefits to servicing your car regularly. Regular service helps keep your running costs down, can improve safety, helps your vehicle retain value, and can extend the life of your vehicle. Performing routine maintenance doesn’t have to be an inconvenience, though, especially when that maintenance can prevent more significant problems from developing. 

If you follow the steps listed here but start to see a noticeable decrease in running performance, you should consider taking your car to a mechanic. It could be possible you need your exhaust checked or a fuel injection cleaning service. 

Check Your Oil

Changing your vehicle’s oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations not only keeps your car running longer but also keeps it running safely. Because oil lubricates the engine to prevent friction, inadequate oil levels can cause your engine to seize or overheat. It’s a quick task to check your oil on your own, or you can simply take it to a mechanic when you reach the recommended mileage for each service. During a standard oil change, most mechanics will also check other fluids, like coolant and windshield washer fluid.

Check Tire Pressure and Tread

You should always make sure your tires are filled to the proper PSI, and the tread on your tires should never be less than one-eighth of an inch. Maintaining the correct PSI and replacing your tires when the tread has worn low will help prevent your car from skidding or slipping on wet or snow-covered roads. You can check your tire pressure using a standard tire pressure gauge, and tire tread can be measured using a ruler.

Check Lights

Ensuring all of your lights are working is not only a reasonable safety measure; it’s also a legal requirement. Brake and taillights, reverse lights, indicator lights, and headlights must always be functioning. Functioning lights prevent difficulty driving at night and let other drivers know when you intend to turn or reverse or when you hit the brakes.

Check Your Air Filter

Your air filter is what keeps dirt and debris from clogging your engine. If the engine becomes clogged, it has to work harder to keep your car running. In addition, a clogged engine can lead to decreased gas mileage and, if left unaddressed, extensive repairs.

You should perform basic car maintenance on a regular basis to keep your car running smoothly. The above tips will help ensure your vehicle performs to capacity, and they will also help prevent the need for extensive repairs. Most importantly, these tips will help keep you safe on the road.