Parx Casino Provide s Area Punters with Unmatched Options for Online Sports Betting in PA


Parx is the largest casino in Philadelphia. It has been offering its bookmaking services to Pennsylvanian punters for years. Now, all types of players, both online and area residents, can enjoy Parx Casino through its new online sports betting PA app.

For all Types of Players

Whether you’re a new player who has never placed a bet in your life or are an experienced punter, Parx Casino promises to meet your entertainment needs. Even pros make Parx their home because it is the best bookmaker in Pennsylvania. The team at Parx have a wealth of experience that they are bringing to online sports betting in PA.

Pennsylvania Sports Betting

Sports betting in Pennsylvania developed into a vibrant entertainment ecosystem. It’s a recreational outlet for the region. The state is uniquely situated between several world class economies. Its lush environment and accommodating gaming regulations attract premium events. Everything from horse racing, top-tier gaming like table games and slots, as well as hosted popular events are available. Add to this a reputation for being a getaway destination from city life, and you have a unique opportunity to create a gaming environment unlike any other.

The Parx Sportsbook

For years now, Pennsylvania has maintained legal onsite sports betting. However, it was only recently that state regulators allowed casinos to expand their operations online. For PA brick-and-mortar establishments, online sports betting in PA has been a long time coming. The extensive on-site operations of casinos like Parx have been operating at a disadvantage to online competition. Now, through Parx Bookmaker and other assets, the state of Pennsylvania can make its presence known in this burgeoning industry.

What Makes Parx Casino the Best Choice

Parx Casino is the best overall choice for sports betting for a variety of reasons. Novice punters will find the needed accommodations to make the transition to more elaborate gaming options. Experienced and pro punters know what to expect in Parx. The online app and sportsbook nicely complement their existing lifestyle. Parx Casino makes seemingly endless options available for punters at all levels.

Remember, Parx offers a lot more than your average online casino. It is considered the standard in the Pennsylvania area. As such, both punters and general visitors will visit Parx for a variety of reasons beyond that of the casino. And this is why the online app was so highly anticipated. The administrators felt that they could offer so much more than was currently available. They could open up new markets and events to bet on.

Types of Betting to Expect at Parx Casino

When you choose Parx Casino for gaming, you have many options to choose from. Free bets and site bonuses are a regular part of the experience. Loyalty points systems quickly add up. They’re also ongoing events, as well as daily and weekly specials. This keeps online punters entertained throughout the year. The free cash is an exciting new feature that punters will really enjoy in the new online environment. Inexperienced? Don’t fret. Novices will have access to a free trial with the option of joining the Parx Xclub.

About Parx Casino

Parx Casino is the premier entertainment venue in Pennsylvania. It became known throughout the region because of its prestigious horse racing. Visitors could also expect to find any type of entertainment there. Everything from an exciting nightlife to fine dining is available at Parx. Now, with online sports betting in PA, these services are available to loyal patrons at anytime, as well as to people around the world.