Infusion Therapy as a Popular Treatment for Rheumatic Diseases


Patients with rheumatic diseases catonsville, Baltimore or other urban communities of Maryland have several therapeutic options to treat their symptoms when oral drugs fail to provide relief. Rheumatologists in Maryland and around the country increasingly turn to infusion therapy to alleviate their patients’ crippling discomfort for the following reasons. 

Effective Relief

For extreme cases of diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus, an infusion of anti-inflammatory drugs directly into the bloodstream is often the only alternative for symptom relief that includes pain, stiffness and difficulty performing daily tasks.

Prevents Skipped Doses

For rheumatic conditions that require multiple doses of medication per day, infusion treatments relieve patients of the burden of remembering to take their medication.

Requires Fewer Doses

Most infusion plans for rheumatic conditions start with weekly sessions of at least 30-minute that eventually drop down to monthly treatments as medication accumulates in the body. For many patients, this schedule provides significant convenience.

Avoids Self-Injection

For treating unrelenting symptoms of rheumatic diseases Catonsville, some patients prefer a rapid delivery of medication through self-injection. For many other patients, this option produces significant anxiety. Infusion therapy offers an acceptable alternative for receiving therapeutic doses of a drug when self-injection is not an option.

Promotes Relaxation

For some patients, infusion therapy sessions allow them to slow down and focus on self-care. Sitting in a comfortable chair while reading, meditating or listening to music while passively receiving treatment can be a relaxing and beneficial experience.

Avoid Hospitals

Infusion therapy is a standard method of treating rheumatic conditions and does not require administration in a hospital. Patients with advanced rheumatic diseases catonsville can receive outpatient treatments in a doctor’s office or spa-like facility.

Living with a rheumatic disease can be challenging and debilitating. Fortunately, advances in the treatment of these conditions allow patients to live full and rewarding lives.