Infrared Contact Lenses: What Is Their Use In Poker?


With all the shortcut methods of winning being created by the players, we are reminded time and again that poker is not an easy game to win.

Since the time, poker was first played, we have seen many techniques of marking cards. Now that we have stepped into the modern technological era, the way of marking cards has changed but the practice of the same is still on.

One of the best methods of identifying poker cards is by marking them with invisible inks. The ink used is not visible with bare eyes. You need special contact lenses to see the marked cards. This is where the need for infrared contact lenses comes into the picture.

What Are Infrared Contact Lenses?

Infrared contact lenses are specially designed to detect invisible marks on the back of the poker cards. These lenses look just like your regular lenses and can be used even in the dark.

These special contact lenses are the result of sandwich technology. If you are going to use marked cards in the game make sure that you get the best quality infrared contact lenses to use.

Advantages Of Using Infrared Contact Lenses

The main advantages of using infrared contact lenses include the following:

  1. With the help of these contact lenses, you can easily detect the marked card on the table.
  2. These are specially designed contact lenses that can be used even in the dark and under red light.
  3. They look just like your regular contact lenses means no one will get to know that you are using them.
  4. The contact lenses look good and are very easy to use.

How To Use Infrared Contact Lenses?

If you are using them for the first time, you can follow these tips for help.

  1. You should keep them soaked in care solutions 24/7 or whenever you are not using them.
  2. You can also soak your lenses in purified water if you don’t have a care solution.
  3. If you are using purified water to care for your lens then you should put them in care solution, every time before using them.

Infrared contact lenses have made detection of marked cards easier. These lenses are made to be used discreetly. If you are going to use it in your game make sure that you use it in the right way.