How To Improve Your Dog’s Tricks


There’s nothing more satisfying than having your TOY POODLE PUPPIES learn a trick. Dogs love being stimulated as well, so there rally is no better way to improve your bond. If you aren’t sure which tricks you want to teach your dog, or if you want some relatively simple ones then there are a few listed here.


This trick is the best way for you to encourage self-control with your dog. The idea is that they get a reward when they are calm and also when they wait for your permission. This trick is the ideal starting point if you have never trained your dog before as well because it helps to teach them a level of focus which is vital as you start to explore more complicated activities. If you want to really encourage them then buy some tasty dog food or treats as a reward. Barking Heads have plenty, if you check out their website.


Shaking hands is a very traditional trick but it’s also very easy to teach. It’s impressive if you ever have visitors over as well, so it’s always worth trying to teach your dog this one. If you have a problem with your dog jumping up at people, then this is a fantastic way for you to show them how to greet without being too full-on.

Hands Up

Hands up is a great little trick that looks great when it’s done right. Your dog will be taught to sit back and then put both paws up at the same time. Simply put a treat in your hand and then walk towards your dog, encouraging them to lift their paws as you do. Dog activities like this teach your dog a level of focus and it also helps them to concentrate on gaining a reward by putting them in a somewhat unnatural position.


If your dog is fond of barking, then this is certainly one trick that you will want to teach them. Dog trainers love this trick as it is a great way for you to calm your dog if they are being troublesome.


This is quite an impressive trick to say the least. The command could be to ask your dog if they are tired, or it could just be “yawn”. Either way, it helps you to feel as though you are talking to a very tired dog. This is a great trick that you can reinforce when you are having a dog training session as dogs often yawn when they are unsure or when they are confused. This is also a great trick to teach your dog because it gives you the chance to communicate with them more and it also encourages them to be more physically forward with their body language.

So, teaching your dogs tricks can be a fantastic way for you to reinforce positive behaviour and you would be surprised at how much it could help them to bond with you as a trainer and pet owner as well.