How To Improve Your Accuracy at the Gun Range


Whether you go to blow off steam or you’re looking to compete in challenges, you want to hit the target every time you go to the gun range. Being a successful shooter takes a lot more than simply pointing your gun and pulling the trigger. If you’re struggling with your accuracy, here are some ways you can improve your shooting skills. 

Pay Attention to Your Trigger Pull

How you pull the trigger is one of the most significant factors in how your gun will fire. If you do heavy, hard pulls on the trigger, you’re likely jerking your wrist without realizing it. Even a tiny flinch in your hand will negatively affect your accuracy, so you want to practice pulling the trigger in one firm yet smooth motion. 

If you have trouble with the trigger sticking, then you’ll want to switch it out. Whether you choose a single-action or fixed pyramid trigger, make sure you select the best trigger for your weapon and your shooting needs. 

Understand Your Firearms

When you’re focusing on improving your accuracy, you want to make sure that you understand your guns and how they work. If you’re unclear how something works in your firearm, then take the time at home to get a feel for it. 

A great way to learn the different parts of your weapons is to practice dry firing. Dry firing is where you ensure your gun is empty and practice firing it. It can be helpful to use a target to aim at to help you learn how to use your sights or scope. 

Practice Your Stance

If you don’t have a good shooting stance, you’ll likely find that your accuracy suffers. When you’re shooting, make sure you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and firmly planted on the ground. Additionally, if you’re a right-hand shooter, you’ll want to place your left foot slightly forward for balance, and if you’re a left-hand shooter, you’ll want your right foot slightly forward.