Holding onto trades in the CFD market


Trading CFD can be difficult especially during volatility. Investors analyze the existing trend to find a suitable pattern but are not successful at all times. Most often, you will find that simple formula is working effectively whereas a complex method is failing frequently. To avoid, traders often keep their trades open overnight. This allows them to manage the initial volatility as they expect time will smoothen the impact. For long-term users, this is natural as they keep their orders open for days and even for weeks, if not months. While the idea sounds profitable, many parts need to take into account.

This article will cover this concept of whether investors should follow this game plan by exploring different aspects. While the natural answer may seem affirmative, you need to understand there are dangers associated with this decision. As you go through this post, we will cover different aspects that will help to illustrate a better visualization of circumstances.

Test your patience

Before you jump to a CFD trading business, it highly recommended that you test your patience level. If you don’t have the patience, you are not ready to trade. Many experts in Singapore believe a trader should spend at least 100 hours in a demo trading environment. And finding a professional demo trading account is not hard. Feel free to try it out here and you won’t regret using the best demo account offered by Saxo CFD broker.

Depends on swap

Swap refers to the charge brokers either take or provide to their customers for holding onto a position. Depending on terms, brokers can either provide interest or take money. If this is charged, you will need to pay some money. This is like a deposit we made before buying a new car, to ensure the dealer does not sell this to someone else. In interest swap, clients receive money as an incentive. Before a person sets his mind, he should have a proper understanding of this concept. Contact brokers whether they are going to charge fees for trades open overnight. If they do not have a budget-friendly policy, switch to a different one. Countless brokers are providing excellent service at the fraction of cost.

Strategies as well

Depending on the nature of the individual, a person may choose to go with the positional trading method. Certain techniques demand that all orders should be kept open as long as possible. Violating this principle is not possible as it will obsolete the formula being implemented. The essence of such plans is to make a profit by advantaging from holding positions. Even if the price is moving against initially, longer duration might give an opportunity to ultimately move in the desired direction. Due to instability, people are becoming long-term traders where this has become a necessity. Remember, every transaction is a book of lethal consequences. If the primary target has been achieved, no need to take unprecedented actions.

To resist strong repulsive movement

Frequent dealing with contradictory movements is not uncommon, especially in currency trading. Different trends appear and people try to make a profit, resulting in either success or failure. If there is a strong resist initially, this can be a good strategy to reduce the impacts. Sometimes experts improvise to diminish immediate effects by using techniques. Losing 1 dollar by keeping an order open for a few days is better than losing 10 dollars instantly.

When should I not do this?

Never be greedy as it will ultimately lead to mistakes. No person has ever made it by going off-limits. If there is no necessity, stick to the regular plan as it might throw a scheme off track. Don’t get inspired by observing professionals, they know what they are dealing with as they have years of experience. Keeping a position open comes with perils as well, remember this before making decisions.