3 Tips for Moving From Hawaii to the Mainland


While you might have to endure a lot of snide comments from people about abandoning paradise, there are a lot of legitimate reasons why you might move from Hawaii to the mainland: To go to school, to be closer to family, to pursue a new business venture, etc. Whatever your reasons, the logistics of the move can be difficult to figure out. Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Make Travel Arrangements

First, you will probably have to book plane tickets to fly to the mainland. Once you get there, you will probably have to rent a vehicle to drive to your new home. Try to take essential belongings with you in your luggage if possible because if you have to ship your belongings, they may not arrive before you get there.

  1. Decide What You Need To Keep

Regardless of which direction you go, one downside of moving between Hawaii and the mainland is that you can’t rent a truck and haul your belongings yourself. You need shipping services Ewa Beach HI for anything that you want to take with you that won’t fit in your luggage. Because shipping can be expensive, you should plan to take only items of great value or those that are irreplaceable. It may be less expensive in the long run to sell everything else and buy new belongings once you get to the mainland.

  1. Organize Your Information

There is a lot of important information to keep track of during a big move like this. To be sure you are taking care of everything, start keeping track of things such as moving quotes and travel reservations in a notebook.

Keeping your information organized helps ensure that you have taken care of all your outstanding business and made all the necessary arrangements. If you forget something, it can be more difficult to take care of it after leaving Hawaii.