Packaging Designs Impact Your Brand Identity


Did you know that 72% of Americans are influenced by a package’s design when shopping? One brand may have a superior product, but the company that is going to sell more is the one with impeccable packaging designs. Learn from the pros and follow these steps when designing your product packages.

Use Quality Materials

You may be tempted to use inferior materials to save a buck, but focus instead on purchasing quality packaging supplies Minneapolis. Consumers will likely see your inferior packaging products and immediately associate that low quality with your product, which can be detrimental to the growth of your company.

Utilize the Space Well

Use the packaging real estate well. Take time to think about how you want consumers to interact with your product, then allow that to drive the overall design. Also, consider using the inside of the box, bag or bottle to paint an overall picture of your brand. For example, you could add gold foil to the inside of a bag to show consumers that your company is associated with elegance.

Embrace Simplicity

Don’t overwhelm consumers with a messy or crowded package design. It’s OK to fill out the space with product information, but make sure you include enough white space that consumers know where to look. Additionally, you can fully embrace simplicity with a clean, modern package that doesn’t have much more than your logo. When done right, this approach can create a high-end feel.

Consider Your Core Values

Establishing your core values will help you in packaging design. For example, if one of the pillars of your company is being conscientious of the environment, you can use recycled materials to show consumers that your brand follows through with its promises. Additionally, using the right colors and images can portray the same feel. For example, you can include a picture of a tree or a leaf in earth tones.