3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Cell Phone in Great Shape


Cell phones are expensive, and unless you are interested in paying for repairs or costly replacements, it is important to do what you can to protect your phone. If you have done the basics, such as investing in a solid phone cover, but need a little extra guidance, here are three other ideas you can try.

Protect the Battery

As tempting as it is to charge your phone the second the battery starts to drop below a certain number, do your best to let it get down to 1% before you put it on a charger. Constant charging can kill the battery over time, as can having it sit on a charger for hours when the battery is already full. Luckily, if your phone is on the fritz, you may not have to completely replace it if you have a company that performs cell phone repair Midland TX nearby.

Keep It Clean 

Phones are one of the dirtiest items you own. In fact, Time magazine says they are 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Keeping your phone clean by regularly wiping it down with a cleaning wipe or even investing in a cleaning device will not only help your phone stay in good condition—it will also keep you healthier.

Keep Your Phone at the Right Temperature

Never let your phone overheat or get too cold. This can be prevented by keeping it on your person or in a safe bag or purse nearby. Even better—if you don’t need it, leave it safely at home. Leaving your phone outside and exposed to the elements is a surefire way to damage it beyond repair.

We are attached to our phones, so it is unfortunately not uncommon for them to suffer occasional damage. Follow these tips and your device will be as safe as possible.