3 Myths About Birth Mothers


How often have you heard rumors about birth mothers? Many times these rumors have stemmed from years of myths that simply aren’t true. The list below contains three myths that birth mothers would love for society to know about.

Myth 1: They Quickly Move On

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. After giving birth and placing a baby, many birth mothers have unresolved feelings.  A lot of birth mothers are left with emotional scars, however, with help, many women can learn how to heal from the heartache. To assist with the trauma, some women join a birthmothers support group.  These groups help birth mothers share their stories, connect, make friends, set goals and ultimately find peace.

Myth 2: They’re Promiscuous

This myth is clearly false. A birth mother could come from any situation, whether she is a teenager, a church-goer or even a co-worker. The most important thing you can do is surround her with support. Choosing adoption takes a great amount of love and strength, which she should be commended for.

Myth 3: They’re Selfish

Once again, this myth is not true. Imagine growing a human life inside you, feeling every kick, and building a connection. Next, imagine deciding to place that baby with another family because you know your baby will be better off. That doesn’t just take courage, but love, empathy and selflessness. Although some birth mothers may not seem to be affected, you don’t know what is going on in their heart and mind. The best thing anyone can do for a birth mother is to give support.

As you can see there are common myths in our society about birth mothers that need to be changed. However, by learning new information and sharing your knowledge with others, you can help stop the spread of birth mother myths.