You’ve Found the Perfect Job Candidate, Now What?


You’ve spent weeks pouring over hundreds of applications and resumes so that you aren’t even sure what you are seeing anymore. And then it happens: The seemingly perfect candidate appears in the pile. Once you find that match, you will still have work to do before making an offer. Keep reading to learn about the next steps after narrowing that list of applicants down to a few qualified candidates.

Schedule Interviews

These can take many forms now, and most often start with a phone or video conference call. You already know the candidates are qualified for the open position, so use this time as a chance to get to know their personalities instead. Ask questions that help you gauge their fit for corporate culture, which is a key indicator of success. Once you are confident in the candidates, schedule in-person meetings as appropriate.

Prepare and Make an Offer

Once you’ve narrowed the field down to one or two people, make an offer to your first choice. This should include things like job expectations, compensation, benefits and any other factors that will impact their decision. Provide a realistic timeline for them to consider your offer and make a decision. Keep in mind that an offer may not be accepted at first. Depending on your candidate pool, you might consider negotiating with a prospective employee to get that commitment.

Conduct Pre-Hire Screening

Once the job candidate accepts the offer, the hiring process really starts. This is when screenings begin in earnest. Depending on what type of position you are filling, you may want to order drug panels and financial or criminal history reports. Companies offer background check services for employers, and it is often beneficial to contract this process out to one of them.

Attracting and retaining top talent is an exhausting process. However, finding the right employees will help move your business forward. Once you’ve narrowed down the applicant pool, conducting interviews and screening will help you achieve that goal.