Which IELTS Life Skills examination should you take?


If your ability of English listening and speaking is higher than the minimum level of test that you have to take, it might be a great concept to take the more significant IELTS Life Skills examination


Due to the fact that if you take the IELTS Life Skills B1 test for your partner or parents’ visa application, oftentimes, you will be able to re-use that same certification for your indefinite leave to continue to be and British citizenship application five years from the time.

This will save you both money and time!

However, what level of English am I or my partner at?

Excellent inquiry! This is something we get enquired about a great deal.

To address this, let’s review what is to be anticipated of you to pass the B1, A2, and A1 English test.

The standard of English required in order to pass the A1 Life Skills examination.

You will be anticipated to:

#1 Pay attention as well as react to talked language, consisting of declarations, concerns, simple narratives as well as single-step guidelines.

#2 Talk with more individuals in a familiar situation regarding something that recognizes both of you

#3 Communicate fundamental information, viewpoints as well as feelings on familiar topics

The tasks in the A1 test may consist of:

  • offering personal info.
  • providing points of view.
  • mentioning preferences.
  • requesting for details or descriptions.
  • agreeing and also disagreeing.
  • making a decision.
  • discussing, giving factors, or validating.

The norms of English needed to pass the B1 Skills examination.

Along with the A1 jobs shown over, you will be expected to be able to:

#1 Show comparison, factor reason, or objective.

#2 Narrate.

#3 Inquire about past or future occasions.

#4 Express future assurance or possibility.