What Are the Different Types of Road Construction?


Building roads is an expensive endeavor that uses a lot of energy in the form of human movement and machinery. Roads have been created for thousands of years to get people where they need to go more efficiently. A road needs to be durable, strong and long-lasting to provide a cost-effective solution to a challenging problem. Here are some common types of roads that are constructed.


Concrete is a common material used in local roads and parking lots North Augusta SC. It is more durable than asphalt and a joint system is used during construction to prevent future cracking. The cost is higher and the maintenance is more intense than asphalt.


Asphalt may be the most common material used. A thick gravel base is laid down first and then a thick layer of asphalt is laid over top. It is easy to repair and maintain, but isn’t as durable as concrete and is not the greatest element for the environment.


Bituminous materials are typically used as a sealing layer over asphalt or on low-traffic roads. An aggregate is spread over asphalt and then embedded with a roller. This method is also called a chip seal.


Composite materials are typically a combination of asphalt and concrete. They are used for maintenance and repairs and not new construction. Overlays can be placed over an existing damaged surface or a surface is cracked and then sealed with new material.


A gravel road is created when layers of stones are compacted together. This type of roadway is only feasible for areas with very little traffic. The maintenance costs aren’t worth it if over 200 cars a day drive on the surface.

Every type of road you see mentioned above is used in construction. Choosing the method that is a perfect fit depends on cost, environment and traffic load.