Tips for Recovering at Home After Surgery


When faced with the prospect of surgery, many patients dread the recovery after the surgery more than the procedure itself. It can be overwhelming to think of how you will manage once you are at home recovering, especially if you live alone. However, with some careful planning and research, you can be equipped to recover at home for any type of procedure you may face.

Hire Medical Assistance

Before you schedule your surgery date, be sure that you research licensed practical nursing care Brooklyn NY. You can often find a service that will come into your home to help you with basic things like changing wound dressings, bathing and taking medications on time. This type of care is especially useful for the elderly, those who live alone or those whose spouse travels for work.

Do Not Rush the Process

After surgery, you may be tempting to try to get back on your feet as soon as possible. However, when you try to rush your recovery period, you typically do more harm than good. Stay on top of your physical therapy homework and follow your doctor’s orders, but do not push yourself past the limit that you can handle.

Make Arrangements for Transportation to Appointments

You will likely have several post-operative appointments, and in many cases you will not be able to drive right after surgery. Therefore, it is important to have transportation arrangements made ahead of time. You can ask a retired friend to take you to and from your physical therapy appointments, or you can hire a service to do this if you are unable to make other accommodations.

Preparing for surgery does not have to be as difficult when you consider these practical tips. Always consult with your doctor to see how long your recovery period will be so that you can make plans.