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Trance movie is a dramatic thriller film with the story sensationally has reached many audiences with its story. The Trance movie story is all about Christian pastors who do miracles or magics and their dark life. It should be in your Telugu movies download for this week. Include now this Trance movie to your Telugu movie watchlist!

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The director Anwar Rasheed has directed and produced the movie Trance where it has got a good name to him with the best story.

Actor FahadhFaasil is a motivational speaker where his brother commits suicide. After that incident, he moves to Mumbai and meets the business magnets Thomas and Issac. There Thomas and Issac offer him to act as a pastor. They want him to play a religious act over people to get money and develop their enterprise. To know the actual story of the movie, watch the Trance movie at Aha.

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Plus points

The director Anwar Rasheed has taken the best and interesting story where all lead roles are performed well. The storyline is an unseen, ever interesting one. He has also given a nominal theme and a good message in the form of a movie.

The unique story and screenplay script are the main plus points to this Trance movie.

Technical aspects

Director has focused more on the cast and well as characters that are advantageous and made the movie successful. Director has used a new technology-based camera to direct the movie.

BGM: Good and enjoyable

Cinematography: Attractive

Shooting locations: Best as per the story demand


Thomas and Issac are the lead roles in the movie where the story reaches a peak, after their introduction. The story runs between them. They acted well to their given characters. Actor Fahadh has acted to a good extent, and his acting was natural. The music director Vinayakan TK has produced the best songs with his music.

Cast and crew

Actor: FahadhFaasil

Actress: NazriyaNazim

Other characters: Gautham Menon, SoubinSahir

Director: Anwar Rasheed

Producer: Anwar Rasheed

Music director: Vinayakan TK

Release date: 20th February 2020


The movie Trance has a different non-formulaic story on Christian pastors and their roles. All lead roles are well performed. The songs are filmed well. You can get the best idea of how the business persons are playing with religious acts over the people to get the money for their development. It should be in your Telugu movies download list.


The movie Trance is based on Christian pastors, and they are making money with various religious acts being played by the business persons.

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