Proper Directions for your Rooms


Do you guys believe in luck or astrology? If you don’t, it’s fine. But first, know these facts about astrology. Over the decades, astrology has proven itself again and again. So, it’s okay and good to believe in astrology. But when it comes to a home, does astrology or directions work? Yes, they do. It’s not astrology behind the directions and its uses or good luck. There’s science behind it. Directions influence your lives a lot more than expected. But these directions like the west side condo (คอน โด ทิศ ตะวันตก, which is the term in Thai) don’t work the same for everyone. So, here is a small guide on directions that will work irrespective of astrology.

  • Bedrooms  

Bedrooms are the most common place where you spend your day most of the time. And it is also a place where you keep your valuables. So, the bedroom should always be built in the right direction. A bedroom must always be located in the south-west of your home. Otherwise, the couple living in the house might have to face marriage issues. You can use a light red or pink color in your bedrooms. These colors signify warmth and love. So, using these colors in your bedroom is a great choice.

  • Study Room

The study room is the second most important room in your home. Might be a couple or with family, a study room in the right direction is a must. According to astrology and science, the study room must be facing east or west. And also green and cream colors are to be used in the study room. They can gecko you concentrate on your studies and develop confidence.

  • Kitchen      

Your kitchen is the place where your food and health are decided. So, it’s important to have the kitchen in the proper direction. Southeast is the proper direction to have your kitchen. It helps in boosting positive energy for you and your family. Using colors like yellow, light pink, peach, and light brown is the best option for the kitchen. They help in increasing positive vibes and help you work well.

  • Dining Room

The dining room is the place where your entire family meets and has food. So, having a dining room in a proper direction is good and healthy for the family too. It’s good to have a dining room facing east, west, or north. And also it is suggestible to have a square or rectangular dining table.

So, these are the rooms along with the directions that you need to know. It’s not only astrology but also science.