How to Know When it’s Time to Hire a New Family Law Firm


Finding a good family law firm means that one is usually looking for one at an important time. This could be because of a custody battle or it could be to take that final step and adopt a child. Whatever the reason, people may not always know for certain if they hired the right people. Here are a few warning signs that it might be time to hire a new family law firm:

They don’t specialize in family law or they don’t have any family lawyers at the firm. The only time that people tend to find general practice attorneys now is because they live in a rural community that can only support one or two lawyers.

When going for a firm for family law, get one that actually specializes in family law! If they don’t at least have a few family lawyers at the firm, then it might be time to switch to another one.

They are not returning your phone calls. This is never a good thing for any business. One always wants to be kept abreast of any new issues in a case and if a family law firm seems to be too busy to bother to keep their clients up-to-date on what’s going on, that’s a good sign to get another one.

They’re doing some dodgy things. Many people would say that anything a law firm does is a bit dodgy, but jokes aside, if a client ever becomes suspicious of a firm’s behaviour, then they should take the time and call up another family law firm to determine if something’s going on. It could very well be just a case of paranoia, but it’s always better to know than not to know.

They start to miss deadlines. Deadlines in law are among the most important deadlines in the world! A missed deadline in a court case results in lost trials and ruined lives. If a law firm starts to miss deadlines, then be aware that it’s likely time to get a family law firm that won’t!

They’re just not “that into” the case. This might be for any number of reasons on the firm’s part, but if none of them seem excited about the case and there just seems to an utter lack of enthusiasm about it, then one should probably call up another firm!

The firm keeps requesting the same information over and over again. Yes, mistakes do happen and it’s not unusual for a family law firm to accidentally request papers a second time, but it shouldn’t be all the time. If one finds that their firm keeps asking for information more than once and at different times, then find out what’s going on. If there isn’t a satisfactory response, then it might be time to call a new law firm.

This might seem a little harsh, but law firms are expected to be organized, call their clients, be on top of things, and to be enthusiastic about the case. If they’re not, then it might just be time to consider someone else!