How to Go Green at Your New Office


As you look to open up your new office, sustainability may be on your mind. If you want to start your new office out on the right foot, make sure that you integrate these environmentally conscious practices into your new space from the start.

Secondhand Furniture

If you are considering the earth as you open up your new office, instead of purchasing brand new furniture, breathe new life into pre owned desks. Not only can many secondhand furniture options offer you a more budget-conscious option, but it also allows you to reduce the amount of waste that you create.

Renewable Energy

If you have a lot of flexibility in your office’s exterior, consider equipping your new space with renewable energy sources. Opting for more sustainable sources can reduce your office’s energy impact. You can take this even further by encouraging your team to also reduce their energy use by powering down at the end of the day.

Team Support

If you truly want to get your office focused on green initiatives, it is important to get your team involved in the effort. By recruiting additional staff to support the sustainability initiative in the office, you allow them to take ownership of their impact and help determine creative ways to be greener at work.


Office supplies can be a huge factor in waste at any company. Regardless of how you consider disposal and waste, you will inevitably create a significant amount of waste; however, you can help combat this by opting out of one-time-use items. By considering supplies made of recycled materials and options that can be recycled after their use instead of single-use supplies, your waste receptacles can reuse and recycle materials instead of just disposing of them.

As you open your office, you have endless opportunities to create a healthier environment. Whether you evaluate your supplies, energy use or approach to sustainability, you have the choice to make a better workplace for the planet and your employees.