Have You Started Decluttering, And Actually Finished


Have you started decluttering, and actually finished? Maybe, maybe not. But that’s okay. It happens to everybody. You get started, you might even get into a groove, but then you stumble across something that reminds you of a time way back when, and the decluttering is entirely derailed. This isn’t good for your home or you, so here are some ways you can make sure whatever you start you finish, every time. 

What Not to Do

Buy Before Organising

It’s tempting to purchase beautiful wardrobes and storage boxes before you start decluttering, but this will make your home feel even messier. It would be best if you organised your things before you find something to put them in, and in the meantime, London Storage Units can help you store anything that you’re not sure about right now. 

Think It Will Be Boring

A lot of people don’t find tidying all that fun, but this is because they are doing it incorrectly. It would help if you made it fun by whacking on some music or putting a movie or your favourite TV programme on in the background, make sure you don’t get too distracted reciting the words along with it. 

Get Caught Up In Reminiscing

One of the biggest problems that lead to decluttering derailment is that you get caught up reminiscing about the memories you stumble across. Soon enough, you’ll find the day has escaped you, and there’s no time to carry on. From here, you have to start all over again the next day or forget about it until the next time the declutter bug strikes. 

What To Do

Be Ruthless

We get it, your home is filled with memories and things that hold sentimental value to you and your family, and this stops you from getting rid of them when you need to the most. Being ruthless, instead of telling yourself you’ll save some items for later will make the decluttering much easier. 

Don’t Feel Guilty

When throwing things out, you’re always going to feel guilty about something, whether it’s because of sentimentality or because you spent a lot of money on something and then didn’t use. Realise that the money is spent or the memory doesn’t exist in your hands but your head, and you can cast off any guilt with ease. You can also donate more expensive items you have no use for to charity shops so that you feel a little better about discarding it. 

Take It Easy

One of the reasons you might struggle to finish decluttering is that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Instead, consider taking it easy and doing little bits at a time. You can declutter a room a day and move anything you’re unsure of to a storage unit for the time being. It’s often overwhelming to declutter the whole house, but doing it in manageable chunks will make it easier for everybody. 

Keep The Declutter Train Rolling

Decluttering is never easy, especially at this time of the year where there is always something else to do. However, as long as you commit yourself to decluttering, whether it’s a deep clean once a week or little pieces here and there while you have time, you’ll find your decluttering adventures don’t get delayed ever again.