Find an escort in a large hotel


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The institutions allowing this type of practice never will admit it openly. The risk of reprisals and the notoriety of their public image are too great. However, from certain staff and even at reception, you can obtain the name or contact of the escorts who often come to accompany a client to their establishment.

Be subtle in your request by using the term “attendant” rather than directly requesting an “escort” or “prostitute”. It is also not uncommon to be approached by an escort in the hotel bar or in the casino if there is one. The latter have a sixth sense to recognize men looking for companionship. Take this opportunity to sleep with an experienced escort.

In foreign brothels

When traveling abroad, it may be easier to find an escort, especially those who are sleeping. For that, you just have to go to a brothel. Remember that for escorts, there is no question of forming romantic or even friendly relationships. Carefully select the type of girl you need so as not to waste your time, because the choice is really very numerous.

How to choose your escort? 

Before looking for an escort girl, you need to think about setting a budget. The time you spend with a sex worker is money spent. Companion services or sexual services are often priced by the hour, but there may be various surpluses. It is therefore important to inform yourself about these prices before booking your escort girl, because negotiations are almost impossible. Consider the kind of address she provides you for the meeting. A cheap hotel or one in a disadvantaged area is often a bad idea because of hygiene and insecurity.

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