Feeling Down? Here Are 4 Mood Boosters To Lift Your Spirits


Are you struggling to feel happy? Do you find yourself more negative than in the past? Low self-esteem and depressed emotions can quickly take over, leaving you feeling lost and alone. Don’t allow these feelings to take over. Instead, try the following four methods to elevate your mood.

  1. Get More Vitamin D

Overcast days may feel a bit down. There’s a reason. The sun’s rays supply Vitamin D, an essential nutrient for the body. People who get out in the sunshine tend to feel more upbeat, so grab a chair and soak up some rays (don’t forget the sunscreen).

  1. Plan Social Activities

Being around people may elevate your mood. Plan to get together with friends or family, especially those who make you laugh and smile. Engaging in positive activities and time could aid the mind in forgetting the worrying.

  1. Talk With Someone

If you continue to feel low, seek out someone who specializes in depression counseling Pennsylvania. Meet with the experts to discuss your current mood and thoughts. The professionals can assess your current state and work with you to create a plan to help. Schedule time weekly or bi-weekly to work through your feelings and ask about medical care.

  1. Consider Nutritional Supplements

Many studies continue to link mental and gut health, indicating that the stomach’s wellness could significantly impact a person’s emotional state. Known as leaky gut syndrome, some specialists believe that poor stomach lining and inflammation hurts circulation and general health, exposing the body to toxins and weaker nutritional levels.

Add a probiotic, and eat a clean diet. Consult a GI doctor to discuss your current health.

When you start to feel down, take action. Go outside, and get some sunshine or plan to meet with friends. Long-term care is also vital, so work with professionals to discuss your worries and develop a health plan to suits your lifestyle.