5 Questions To Ask Before Having Breast Augmentation Surgery


When it comes to permanently altering the body, it is important to spend a significant amount of time thinking about what you really want to do. If, for example, you want to enlarge your breasts, there are many reputable surgeons to do the job; however, you should do your research and make sure you know what to expect. Never be afraid to ask questions, and speak to multiple surgeons before deciding.

When you first begin your breast augmentation Cary NC journey, you may not know where to start. In most cases, cosmetic surgeons offer free consultations where you can learn everything you want to know about the procedure. During your initial meeting with a potential surgeon, consider asking these five questions. 

  1. How Many Procedures Have You Done?

Before paying someone to perform breast augmentation, ask him or her about how many procedures he or she has done in the past. Any reputable surgeon should have a portfolio of past surgeries readily available. 

  1. What Types of Implants Do You Use?

Although both saline or silicone implants have pros and cons, the type that you prefer is what ultimately matters most. With that said, not every plastic surgeon uses both types. As such, this is another good inquiry for your first visit. 

  1. What Kind of Complications Have You Encountered?

While you may be afraid to know, one important question to ask before surgery is about the kind of complications any potential surgeon has encountered. Be sure to ask for details and do not hold back from follow-ups. It is always best to have clear expectations. 

  1. What Is Your General Rate of Complications?

Speaking of expectations and complications, another solid question is in regards to the general rate of complications a particular surgeon has had. In addition, ask if he or she has past reviews that you read. Together, this information can tell you also about a surgeon’s competency. 

  1. How Long Is Recovery Time?

Finally, make sure to inquire about the expected recovery time that you will have ahead of you. When asking, think about physical healing as well as pain and comfort levels. In general, breast augmentation is a serious type of surgery that requires dedicated time to heal. As such, anyone considering the procedure should take recovery time seriously. 

By thinking about questions like these before meeting with a breast augmentation specialist, you can prepare yourself for an informational conversation that will help you make the best decision for yourself.