4 Reasons to Declutter Your Home Office


There has been a marked increase in people working from home recently. There are plenty of reasons to set up a quiet home office instead of simply setting your laptop up on the kitchen table. There are probably even more reasons to keep that space neat, clean and free from clutter.

  1. Your Mood Will Improve

Walking into a decluttered office helps you feel happier and more confident. The next time you are in an online meeting and someone asks for figures, you can be confident that you’ll know exactly where they are. So go ahead and find a place for everything that is otherwise taking up space on your desk. From magazine files to technology carts, the organizational possibilities are nearly endless.

  1. It Gives Your Immunity a Boost

Clutter, piles of papers and food crumbs can create serious challenges for keeping your office clean. Just think about how much easier it is to wiper down your desk and file cabinets when you can see the entire top to start with. Don’t let germs hide or attract pests by letting your office devolve into a complete mess. Keep surfaces clear so you can easily wipe them down and sanitize the space.

  1. You Will Be More Productive

The lure of getting more done in less time may be enough to make even the least organized person get their office tidied up. Research shows that spaces free from clutter allow better focus and increase productivity.

  1. It Will Lower Your Stress Level

Balancing family demands and work deadlines is stressful enough, why add to that with a cluttered office? A neat area to retreat to, even if it is for work, will help you relax and shed tension.

Taking the time to clear out your office space and develop a solid strategy for organizing all of your work equipment and files will pay off in the long run. You will experience less stress and feel happier and healthier, which will result in boosted productivity.