3 Reasons Your Mechanic May Be Having a Bad Day


It happens at the most unexpected time. You discover a nail in your tire, the car is overheating, or your vehicle begins making strange noises. So, you reach out to your mechanic, who happens to be your friend, and ask when you can bring your automobile in. To your surprise, you are told the next available appointment is in a month because the shop is having a really bad string of difficult days. Here are some of the possible reasons you can’t get into the shop this week.

  1. Broken Equipment

Mechanical equipment can break down when it gets used frequently. Since most shops only have one of each giant machine, the loss can mean losing the ability to fix your vehicle. For example, an air compressor is used to remove and tighten many auto parts. That means when an air compressor repair Jacksonville FL becomes necessary, the shop can suddenly find itself closed for a few days.

  1. Missing Apprentice

Employees have bad days, too. Sometimes they unexpectedly call in or don’t show up for work because they become ill, overindulge the night before or have a family emergency. If two or three employees don’t show up for work on the same day, the remaining workers can suddenly become swamped and overworked. Not everyone understands the inside workings of an automobile or truck, so finding replacements can be difficult.

  1. Angry Customers

 Although your mechanic may have a schedule each day, when something goes wrong in the shop or the vehicle repairs become more extensive than initially thought, the result can be a tumultuous shop and angry customers. For every 15 to 20 minutes your mechanic has to set aside to deal with an angry customer, the work schedule is thrown off by that same time. Thus, it is easy to see how angry customers can create a bad day for your mechanic.

If you call your mechanic and you can’t get into the shop for a vehicle repair for several weeks, take the first appointment you can get. Your mechanic doesn’t need another headache, and neither do you.