Modern And Classy HDB Interior Designing You Can Choose


Do you live in a HDB unit and have the notion that your HDB home cannot be as elegant as those interior design pictures you find online? Well, there are endless examples in Singapore where it is seen that the HDB units can be renovated to a great extent in a manner that they look well furnished, space making as well as properly maintained.

These HDB units are no less beautifully designed than the condos in their looks. When you choose the right HDB interior design company to do the job, this is actually possible.

If you own a 3,4 or 5-room HDB flat then there is a wide array of design options waiting for you in Singapore. Not only that these options vary according to the surroundings, but also for the kind of mindset that you have.

There are the Scandinavian styles and then there is the minimalist style and then there are the industrial and eclectic styles as well. However this is only the first step – calling the right interior designer who comes up with the best plans for your HDB is the next crucial step. This is when choosing a good HDB interior design company like Swiss Interior for your 3,4,5-room BTO or resale unit is important.

The Many Different Interior Design Styles You Can Choose From

There are many different elements of a home that you can use when designing your HDB. It is true that when you are living in the HDB, you cannot make changes in the exteriors, but when it comes to the interiors, you are free to make the changes and come up with the best designs that soothe you and your family members.

The designer may face a lot of challenges when making the design planning for the HDB. This is especially true when he or she may face the complications of the space and balancing the aesthetics of the rooms with the functionality of the room.

Proper optimization will be crucial, and it boils down to the experience of the designer. However, an experienced and expert designer will be able to take care of these issues and come up with the best solutions for the same.

Irrespective of whatever the size of your room is, these changes are possible. Making the best transformation of the room will be much easier with these designers in action, as well as the help of many nice home design portals like Houzz and Qanvast. You will no longer have to live in the boring and stale looking HDB.

What Do You need to Consider?

HDB units happen to be the most common ones when it comes to the housing plans in Singapore. They are more than 70% of the homes in Singapore – so large and widespread they have become that they can now be termed as a part of the Singapore culture.

And yes, there are restrictions. According to the HDB requirements by the government, changes can be done only for the interior. So make sure that your designer is fully aware of the changes, and he can make the design in such a way that will impress you in the long run.

Planning Your Renovation Budget

Budget, of course, is another very important factor here. You need to decide how much you can spend on the HDB and accordingly you can brief the designer. He will be making the plans and executing the same likewise. On and average it takes20,000SGD for a 3 room Singapore HDB.