How to Find the Real CBD Oil – Know the Tips


As the demand for CBD products is continuously increasing, few manufacturers are producing poor quality CBD products. So, it became overwhelming for people to purchase good and effective CBD products. In this article, you can learn a few ways to find out reliable CBD oil.

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Tips to determine real CBD oil

Product label

It is the first sign that helps to know whether the CBD in it is original or not. A reputable manufacturer will inform you about the CBD amount over the label. On CBD products, you find the terms like cannabidiol, cannabinoid, or CBD on the ingredients list that tell you the milligrams or concentration of CBD.  A higher number of 250 to 1000mg/ 10ml is a potent, safe product.

Lab test results

A well-reputed company provides lab-testing reports of their products public. By looking at these reports, you can know whether the products contain CBD or not. This information will be on the website, insert, box, or bottle. This report will say about the CBD amount and verify the THC amount.

Extraction methods (CO2)

High-quality CBD oil is extracted by using solvent methods such as CO2. CBD extracted from the CO2 is free from additives or residues, which is impossible to get through other methods. Avoid purchasing CBD oil made by using chemicals, including butane, hexane, and others because they will leave harmful chemicals.

QR or batch code

A trust-worthy CBD brand keeps batch or QR codes on the products. By using these codes, you can access the lab reports of that product. Few companies are using broken codes on the products to sell their products, so scan the QR code of the product you purchase and check the lab reports to make sure that the product is original.

Contains 0.3% or less THC levels

Hemp-based CBD oil contains little THC 0.3% or lower, which is insufficient to make the user high. Poor-quality product contains high THC levels.  It not only cause psychoactive effects but also illegal to use as well. So, look at the figures before making a purchase.


A high-quality CBD product is expensive to make. In case, the bottle you purchase is cheap, then it is one of the signs that indicate the product is made by using contaminated or poor-quality materials. Although the cost of the products varies from one brand to the other, look at the reviews and reasonable prices before purchasing CBD oil from a particular brand.

Many individuals are looking to sell fake CBD products, which are re-labeled or re-filled as original products. By purchasing those products, you will lose both your money and health. So, read the lab-test reports to purchase a good quality CBD product.

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