Employees’ Safety Responsibilities


Workplace safety is not the sole responsibility of an employer. Employees must also take steps to ensure their safety. In fact, violating these rules may result in a denied workers’ compensation claim. Therefore, before you have to search for an Iowa workers compensation lawyer, do your part to ensure a safe work environment.

Environmental Awareness

Your job, and possibly your company, has inherent risks, and you need to understand these risks. For example, those who work for moving companies must lift heavy things, so they need to take the steps necessary to protect themselves and others.

In addition, you must be aware of your environment. You should be identifying, notifying your employer about and correcting any risks that you find. Pay attention when you walk around the building so you see anything that could cause harm.


You should always act in a way that protects your safety. You would not take dangerous risks outside work, so you should not do so at work. In addition, you are responsible for avoiding or seeking ways to resolve conflicts so they do not come to physical violence.

You should also wear all the protective equipment required by your job. For example, if you work in a loud factory, you may be required to wear eye and ear protection, and if you work on a construction site, a hardhat will be required.


Whether your employer offers a formal training program or you are trained by a seasoned worker, it is your responsibility to ensure you are trained completely. Not only do you need to know your job duties and processes, but you need to complete safety training. For example, you should know where all the safety manuals, such as the MSDS and equipment manuals, are located. You should also know the location of first aid stations and supplies and learn the company’s safety rules and practices.

You are at least partially responsible for your safety in the workplace. However, if you are injured, a reputable attorney will guide you through your case.