DIY Flooring Installation Vs a Professional Tradesman Hiring


This may be the most often asked question, and we must take it very seriously. One of our main goals is to assist consumers in avoiding DIY mistakes and difficulties.

Customers have been led to assume by seeing a product in any online business directory website like Bleen and think it is appropriate for DIY installation when, in fact, it requires the services of a professional contractor. This puts the buyer in danger of receiving faulty goods, wasting money, and wasting time.

We almost always advocate hiring a professional tradesman from a local tradesmen directory, despite the fact that there are a few outstanding DIY-friendly flooring options. Here, we will compare the benefits and drawbacks of professional vs. do-it-yourself flooring installation.

Pros and cons of hiring a professional tradesman


1.     Efficiency and speed

Any professional tradesman will have enough experience who can do the job efficiently and faster.

2.     Guaranteed quality

You can be assured of a good quality job by choosing the right tradie for the flooring installation job.

3.     Experience

Professional tradesman is regularly doing flooring installation and hence have more experience.

4.     Predictable results

Based on the experience of the tradesman that you have selected, you can get the result as expected.

5.     Convenience

Tradesman will take all the trouble of installing the floor without your getting involved in the job.

6.     Protect your investment

Flooring is quite a significant investment that will increase your property value and doing it by a professional will be a better choice.

7.     Provides all tools

Professional tradie will have all the necessary tools required for the job.

8.     Easy, safe disposal of your old flooring

Professionals will take care of all the trouble of disposing of your old flooring materials.

9.     Unexpected problems

If any unexpected problem ever arises that can be easily handled by them

10. Proper preparation

A tradesman always knows how to prepare and check subfloors to do proper installation work.


  1. Can be expensive

At times professionals can be an expensive choice.

  1. May not be available when you need

Often professionals may not be available when you need them.

Pros and cons of DIY flooring option


1.     Cost-saving

DIY installation can surely save a significant amount of money that you end up paying any pro.

2.     You learn a new profession

You can learn a new profession and advertise your business for free with BLEENon Bleen too.

3.     You can do as per your schedule

The total schedule remains under the control.


1.     May often end up expensive

If you are not satisfied with the end result then doing a repeat job may result in material wastage.

2.     May not get the result as expected

Due to lack of experience, you may not get the result as expected.

3.     Disposal of old flooring

It is additional work to do for you.

4.     Any unexpected issues

There can always be a certain unexpected issues and you may have to consult a professional tradie.

5.     Buy or rent tools

You have to spend money for buying/hire the tools.